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Simple Intro to NodeJS Module Scope

Update: Here are slides for this talk at OttawaJS: "Node.JS Module Patterns Using Simple Examples".

Update 2: More Node.JS Module Patterns - still fairly basic but more practical examples.

People often ask about scope and visibility in Node.JS modules. What's visible outside the module versus local to the module? How can you write a module that automatically exports an object? And so on.

Here are six examples showing different ways of defining things in Node.JS modules.  Not all of these are recommended but they will help explain how modules and their exports work, intuitively.

Exporting a global function This module defines a global function called foo. By not putting var in front of the declaration of foo, foo is global. This is really not recommended. You should avoid polluting the global namespace.

// foo.js foo = function () { console.log("foo!"); }
Here is an app that uses it.

// Module supplies global function foo() require('./foo'); foo(); E…

The Global Power Shift

Paddy Ashdown's fantastic speech at TEDx Brussels, which was published today.  This is well worth watching for anyone interested in what is happening in global power structures and the end of the American century.  Absolutely brilliant talk, at once troubling and still inspirational.